Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
College Revolution
Dear Christian Parents,
Chapter 16 of Dear Christian Parents gives you a few thoughts about private schools and college education. Concerning college education, you need to be aware that the winds of change are beginning to blow, and this is a very good thing for Christian families.
Higher education is probably the biggest bubble in our nation’s economy right now, and it is ready to burst. College tuition, textbooks, fees, and other expenses are all artificially inflated by a delusional marketplace that is willing to borrow and spend unlimited amounts of money for undergraduate degrees. Unfortunately, a bachelor’s degree is a commodity that is rapidly declining in value as the supply has increased rapidly and the quality of undergraduate education has decreased.
Thankfully, valid alternatives to the traditional brick-and-mortar universities are beginning to pop up, and I expect them to take the market by storm. There is a tidal wave of change coming, and the traditional universities that refuse to adapt or are too late in changing their ways are likely to pass into extinction.
As with other industries, higher education will be recreated by the internet. Of course, this change began some time ago, but the big changes that will permanently alter colleges are just now starting to emerge. To understand these changes, I recommend that you read this article from The American Interest. It is lengthy, but I believe it will be worth your time. Click here.
The results of these changes will be many more choices at much less expense, and this is especially good for Christian families. Far too many Christian families have put themselves in the bondage of debt for the sake of college, and it is time for this plague to end. Better still, online education greatly reduces the influence of the humanist college professors and the immoral environments that dominate so many American universities. Lord willing, in the future Christian students will be able to acquire the credentials and skills they need to make a living for their families without exposing themselves to dangerous levels of ungodly influences and saddling themselves with a burden of debt.
Keep your eyes open for these new alternatives, and thank God for opportunities to have education without compromise. May God bless you and your family.
Regards in the Lord,

© 2012 Dear Christian Parents

College Revolution
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