Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
Do You Know What Your Children Are Learning



Dear Christian Parents,

“It’s 10PM. Do you know where your children are?”

Many of you might not be old enough to remember these public service announcements that were shown on television back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They were shown to reach parents who were watching the late news so that they might consider the whereabouts of their children. Were the children safe at home? Were they somewhere out on the street? Did the parents really know where their children were or what they were doing?
I wish I could modify that question and offer a different public service announcement today. It could be shown during the morning television programs or perhaps delivered by email to parents who work in offices around the country. The message of my announcement would be:
“It’s 8AM. Do you know what your children are learning?”
If your children are homeschooled, then you can answer this question with a resounding “Yes!” However, if your children are educated in any other way, then you cannot know for certain.
Think about this question for a moment, and consider the possibilities. Are your children being taught from the Bible? Are they being taught in compliance with Biblical truth and with a Biblical worldview? Are they learning science with a proper understanding of God’s creation of the world and His laws that govern nature? Are they learning history with an understanding of God’s workings within the affairs of men (see Psalm 33)? Are they gaining a correct respect for the authority of God and His design for the institutions of marriage, family, civil government, and even the church? Are they learning how to conduct themselves in the fear of God, how to show honor to others, and how to behave honorably themselves? Are they being educated in the best way to cultivate faithfulness to God within them?
Families that homeschool know exactly what their children are learning because the parents chose every subject, every lesson, every teacher, and every classmate. God-centered homeschoolers know that their children will not be taught contrary to the Scriptures in any subject because they will not allow it. These children will never be taught the sciences with a Darwinian evolutionary viewpoint. They will never be taught history without understanding how God’s laws and His providence were involved. They will never learn a humanist agenda for a godless society. They will never be taught in a way that might possibly lead them away from the Lord.
If you don’t know what your children are learning each moment of the school day, then you should be concerned. I encourage you to take on your children’s education for yourself, for then you will know exactly what your children are being taught. May God bless us all with the wisdom to teach our children well.

Regards in the Lord,

© 2011 Dear Christian Parents

Do You Know What Your Children Are Learning
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