Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
From One Child to Another
Dear Christian Children,
As a Christian child writing to others, let me tell you what you won’t have to put up with in homeschooling. My name is Nathan, and I’ve been homeschooled from the very beginning. I don’t really know much about what goes on in public schools, but I have heard about some of it.
First, are there any kids in the schools that try to make your life miserable? I’m talking about bullies. In the home, there isn’t anybody to bully you.
Next, are there any teachers that try to make your life miserable at your school? At home, you can be taught by the best teachers in the world – your parents.
Third, are you afraid you’d miss your friends? Take a minute to think about who your best friends are. Are they Christians? I’m not saying your friends are bad examples, but remember the Scripture says, “Bad company corrupts good morals” (1 Corinthians 15:33). Would it be good to get away from your friends?
Last, there would be no more Darwinian evolution taught. Instead, the Bible can be used in every single subject!
I hope after you have read this short letter, you think homeschool is the best school you can have!
Nathan, Age 11

© 2011 Dear Christian Parents

From One Child to Another
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