Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
Dear Christian Parents,
For some time now, I have been anticipating the release of a DVD entitled Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America. At last, I have seen it, and I highly recommend it to all of you.
Essentially, this film is a documentary that examines public schools from a Christian perspective. The filmmaker, Colin Gunn, took his homeschool family on a field trip in an old school bus around the country. This field trip serves as a backdrop for his investigation of government schools. Gunn discusses the origins and history of American public and government schools, the immoral culture that is now propagated by these schools, and the hostility to Christian students, teachers, and administrators that exists within these schools.
Check out the trailer for this film here:

Much of this film contains material that I included in the book Dear Christian Parents: An Appeal for Homschooling. No doubt this is why I was so pleased with the film and can recommend it to all Christian parents. While I believe the written word will always be superior for thoroughly communicating any message, there is a level on which “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In this era in which the image has nearly replaced the written word and many people would rather watch than read, films are powerful tools for getting out messages. I’m very happy that this film has been made, and I hope that it reaches many parents.
I’m not a salesman for this film, but I will tell you that you can get the DVD at www.indoctrinationmovie.comIt is also available through Answers in Genesis, the Vision Forum, and probably some other places as well.
Regards in the Lord,

P.S.  The ending is great!

© 2011 Dear Christian Parents

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