Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
More Letters to You

The book Dear Christian Parents is a series of twenty-five letters written to encourage Christian parents to homeschool.  Click the links below to read more letters written to you.

College Revolution from Stacey, 12/19/12

Comprehensive and Objective Education? from Stacey, 3/21/12

Values Clarification
 from Stacey, 12/31/11

from Stacey, 10/29/11

Courageous from Stacey, 10/11/11

McGuffey's Readers
 from Stacey, 9/26/11

Do you know what your children are learning?
 from Stacey, 9/12/11

All Your Household
from Stacey, 8/25/11

Do Try This at Home from Stacey, 8/20/11

Yes You Can Homeschool from Stacey, 8/15/11

Learning Brotherly Love
  from Stacey, 8/5/11

From One Child to Another  from Nathan, age 11, 8/6/11

The Growth Chart  from Stacey, 8/8/11

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